Jessie J confirms she's Bi and Basically Awesome (Plus possible Nicki Minaj collab)

...all in one song made up while on stage at HMV Next Big Thing Concert

The whole thing is cute.  "Is she gay or is she straight" she asks and answers at 4:05, if that's all you care about, lol.


PLUS -- There is a distinct possibility that Nicki Minaj will indeed appear on a remix version of "Do it Like a Dude".  Jessie has said she wanted Nicki on the remix and intends to hound her at the Grammy's about it as they will both be there:

“I’m a huge fan of hers. I’m just gonna maybe bug her at the Grammys like, ‘Hi, we have the same hair.’ You never know. I’m just gonna keep an open mind and see what happens.”

But Nicki caught wind during her trip to London and fell in love with Jessie and the song (is there any doubt?)

“I heard about Jessie J because she said in an interview that she wanted me on her single,” Nicki told the U.K.’s Daily Star. “I checked her out afterwards, and I fell in love with her, the tone of her voice and everything.”