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Full-Length new GNR song "IRS" leaks on to the Internet. Demo "Better" also leaked.

New GN'R song leaks

As you might remember, parts of a new GN'R track were leaked online last year.

The track called "I.R.S" was originally played on Eddie Trunk's show on US radio in 2003 and didn't appear online until April 2005.

Today a full-length and better quality version of the track has been leaked.

A short clip of the new track "Better" has also been leaked. "Better" was recently mentioned by Axl in Rolling Stone as one of his favorites.


RUMOUR: AXL ROSE Holds Exclusive 'Chinese Democracy' Listening Party At NYC Nightclub
The New York Post's Page Six reports in its February 12, 2006 edition:

Stereo nightclub owners Barry Mullineaux and Mike Satsky were closing up their Chelsea hotspot at 5:30 a.m. the other morning when they encountered elusive GUNS N' ROSES frontman Axl Rose at the front door. The braided rocker was with bandmates and a bevy of beauties wanting to keep his 44th birthday bash going. Rose was so eager to get inside the club that he offered the owners a little bribe — an exclusive listening party for his yet-to-be released album, "Chinese Democracy". Axl dispatched his driver to retrieve the unreleased CD and the owners proceeded to play host, bartender and DJ to the posse till 8 a.m.


Links to tracks are currently available:

For those children who don't know what "GNR" is, it stands for Guns N' Roses. If you still would like to claim you don't know what that is, either, you can read this.

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