celebrities copy an unsuspecting pop star

Tired of hearing about Lady Gaga copying Madonna? Beyonce copying Kylie Minogue? Rihanna copying everyone? Well one blogger found a common thread: most of today's celebrity figures have copied r&b star BRANDY!

Britney Spears

Copying a 1998 Brandy candid

copying old Moesha promos


Copying Brandy's hair from years ago


Madonna copying Brandy's 1994 video Baby

Moesha intro vs. Ray of Light

Lady Gaga copying Brandy

both hanging out with Adam Lambert

Lady Gaga copies song lyrics

Justin Bieber copying Brandy song titles (also trying to follow in her career footsteps)

Katy Perry takes fashion advice

Ke$ha also uses Brandy as a style muse

Kelis copies a Brandy candid from years ago in her "4th of July" video

Cheryl Cole wears an outfit similar to Brandy's What About Us video

Christina Aguilera copies an old episode of Moesha in a music video

Darren Aronofsky copies an image from Brandy's What About Us video in his movie The Fountain

Michelle Obama taking fashion tips from Brandy? Nope. She's taking more than tips--she's stealing outfits...

as does Sarah Jessica Parker

and Nicole Kidman

The Pope (2010) copies Brandy’s robe (1990s), replacing her black undergarment with the traditional white