Captain Canuck to be a Movie...starring Justin Bieber?

Now that a certain masked Canuck is dominating the worldwide box office in 'The Green Hornet,' it looks like another Canadian hero could soon be coming to theaters (and theatres!) near you.

According to a recent report in the L.A. Times, Captain Canuck, the red-and-white protector of the Great White North, may be getting his own movie. Richard Comely, creator of the proudly Canadian superhero, claims to be close to a deal with a Canadian production company -- he didn't say which -- to produce a live-action movie about his cordial crimefighter. At $15 million, the reported budget would come to approximately the cost of craft services for Marvel's $140 million 'Captain America' blockbuster, but Comely is thinking outside the box to boost his Captain's worldwide potential.

Most notably, he's appealing to another Canadian who's made a successful crossover: none other than Justin Bieber, whose signature swoop is likely far more recognizable south of the border than Captain Canuck's red and white.

For those of you unfamiliar with the maple leaf-costumed hero (or for hockey fans who may be confusing him with Vancouver Canucks captain Henrik Sedin), Captain Canuck was created in 1975 as Canada's answer to Captain America. Though he's seen various incarnations over his 30-plus years, the original Captain was a mild-mannered Mountie when a mysterious alien encounter granted him superhuman speed and strength. He then became a special agent and put his powers to good use protecting the nation, which, by the then-futuristic 1993 had become the most powerful country in the world.

Had Comely's prediction come true, he wouldn't have to worry about how to attract an American audience to his uniquely Canadian superhero movie. But Comely told the Hollywood Reporter he may have to consider changing the title for the film to have a chance in the U.S. market. Captain North America, perhaps? In another shrewd marketing move, Comely says he's planning on writing in a part for Canada's current largest export, Justin Bieber, whose powers may include a superhuman ability to make tween girls swoon and empty their parents' wallets.

It remains to be seen just how feasible a live-action Captain Canuck movie would be -- with or without the Bieb -- and the property has been optioned for film or TV several times over the years to no avail. Still, with moviegoers' interest in superheroes at an all-time high and Canadians in demand for crimefighter casting, the stars may finally be aligned for Captain Canuck. Is the movie world ready for its first "polite" and "gentler" superhero? We're about to find out... Captain America, you're officially on notice.

Source: Moviefone
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