Come and knock on my ****

James Franco Sings An Improvised Version
Of The 'Three's Company' Theme

James Franco has quite a history of doing hilariously unexpected and inappropriate things while MTV cameras are rolling. Well now we have another video to be added to the annals of Franco's hilarity. You might have heard that he had a multimedia art project called "Three's Company: A Drama" that was set to be shown at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Well, boy does he ever. But to really get MTV into the "Three's Company" spirit, Franco challenged MTV's Josh Horowitz to sing the sitcom's theme song the James Franco way. Inappropriate times lie ahead.

James Franco Takes Dramatic Look At '70s Series 'Three's Company'

James Franco is nothing if not ambitious. The 32-year-old actor is balancing several upcoming film roles, a teaching gig at Yale and the likelihood of being nominated for his first Oscar with a new meta-art piece at the Sundance Film Festival. Franco's "Three's Company: A Drama" premiered in the New Frontier program of the fest in an attempt to, in Sundance's words, view the 1970s sitcom from "a slightly oblique perspective."

So Franco decided to re-create the first three episodes of "Three's Company" at Sundance, sans the laugh track, and play it up for its dramatic value. His film was then projected up onto four screens in the theater so that it surrounds the audience. To add to the effect, Franco re-created the living room set in which so much of "Three's Company" takes place as the theater area where the audience watches the film.

"I was just thinking, back in the day, when people were watching that show, people were probably sitting in their living room watching these other people in their living room, so I thought, let's suck the audience into their living room and then there's projections on all four walls," Franco explained. "And it's not just seeing the show on all four walls. It's like, Chrissy's on this side, and Janet's on this side, and you're in the middle."