Kate Gosselin's 'E! True Hollywood Story' is on the way


Reality TV mom Kate Gosselin is set to join the ranks of Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, Michael Jackson and just about anyone else who’s dared to live their lives in the public eye. Yes, the “Kate Plus 8” star will soon be the subject of an “E! True Hollywood Story.”

The details of Kate’s life, “from her working-class roots to her role as a one-woman TV ratings juggernaut,” will be revealed when a variety of Goselin-related sources come forward to share their take on Kate and her famous family.

Among those speaking out are former Gosselin nanny Stephanie Santoro; Polly Kahl, who authored "Jon & Kate Plus Eight: Reality TV & The Selling Of The Gosselins”; and actor and vocal Kate critic Eric Roberts.

"Kate has more than her hands full and is not a bad person,” an uncharacteristically Kate-friendly Roberts explains in the upcoming episode. “To have kids is the easiest job to get in the world. To raise kids properly is the hardest."

“E! True Hollywood Story: Kate Gosselin” airs Feb. 2 at 10 p.m. ET on E!