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1st Annual ONTD Alterna-Grammys 2011

In conjunction with the 1st Annual ONTD Alterna-Oscars (and per member suggestions), I now present...

Over the next weeks, ONTD will be nominating and voting for their own awards, adapted from major Grammy categories!

How it works: List up to 3 choices for each category, and number them. They don't have to be in any particular order, it's for organizational purposes etc. Once I've complied the votes after voting ends, I'll reveal the top 5 nominees from each category on February 6.

How to choose your noms: You can nominate any song/artist/album you want, provided they were released during the official Grammy eligibility period of Sept. 1, 2009, through Sept. 30, 2010. If you're not sure whether a potential nominee is eligible, check Wikipedia, Amazon, etc.

format for nominating: Artist - "Song/Album"

When will voting start? As soon as the official nominees as announced here, on February 6th.

When will the winners be announced? February 13th, same day as the actual Grammys!

Start voting here!

I'll leave this post open for comments, so you can discuss potential nominees as you submit your own etc etc etc. I definitely think the Alterna-Grammys will be more diverse than the Alterna-Oscars, since music taste here varies greatly. But we shall see~
Tags: award show - grammys, ontd original, poll
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