More Images from 'X-Men: Hot Mess'

I still can't believe the dorky kid from "About A Boy" grew up hot. Love the glasses on him. He's like the dude version of a sexy librarian. And look at my bb Lucas! He is looking fine as hell in this movie.

Oh look, they're playing chess. Exciting.

Here's the teaser poster, which is pretty similar to the teaser poster for the first movie. I guess that's cool.

And here are the hi-res versions of the pictures that were leaked earlier this week, with a better look at Emma Frost's Victoria's Secret Angel Wings.

Is it me, or does Fassbender kinda look like Gaius Baltar from "Battlestar Galactica" in this pic? Compare for yourself:

My bb Lucas is giving me his "Come fuck me" face. Ask and ye shall receive, bb.

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