Former MTV True Lifer turned Gay Pornstar Appeared on Today's Tyra

Anyone remember “Luke” from that “True Life” series on MTV a few yearsago? (We don’t, actually, but that probably has something to do withall that pesky marijuana-related memory loss our high school guidancecounselors warned us about.) It seems that those calf implants of histhat caused such a stir were worth the investment: we hear from severalreaders that he’s currently starring in Blue Blake’s “Brute” under the name Tony Cage. Maybe there really is such a thing as a successful post-reality show career after all!
That was then and this is now: Luke aka Tony Cage has made an appearance on Tyra's Brokeback Mountain episode today where he briefly talks about his past gay relationships (he never says anything about his gay porn days) and guess what?! He's married now to a woman and claims he's very much straight.
That kind of sucks because I thought he was awesome in Matrixxx: Muscle Explosion with Jeremy Jordan and was really hoping to see some more of his

Also I wonder if his new wife knows he was a gay pornstar once, she really did act like she didn't?