Dr. Drew Hospitalized for Bacterial Infection

Dr. Drew Pinsky may spend most of his time treating troubled patients on 'Celebrity Rehab,' but it was the good doctor himself who needed some help from medical professionals after contracting a bacterial infection on a recent vacation.

Pinsky, who left on Jan. 8 for a second honeymoon with wife Susan at a "secret destination," came down with a case of Leptospirosis while away, according to his Twitter.

Following the honeymoon, which also celebrated the couple's 20th wedding anniversary, he tweeted, "Spent the night as a patient in the hospital. Seems I may have picked up Leptospirosis in the West Indies.This is just brutal."

Leptospirosis, which is generally caused through contact with water contaminated by animal urine, can cause a high fever, vomiting and other flu-like symptoms, according to the CDC. Despite the unpleasant nature of the illness, it can be easily treated with a course of antibiotics.

A clean bill of health couldn't come sooner for Pinsky, who is scheduled to begin hosting duties on his new HLN show this spring.