ET's First Look at Sherlock Holmes 2, RDJ in Drag

Elementary! ET's own Kevin Frazier is on the London set of the highly anticipated 'Sherlock Holmes' sequel with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. Watch the video for all the action!

"We said, if I remember rightly, on the last one that we had so much fun, and if everyone else would too, that if they wanted us to do more, we would -- and it seems they wanted us to do more, so that's why we're back," Jude tells Kevin. "It's gone to the next level."

"There is something -- I call it "sequelitis" -- about having a movie that takes off and is set up to do a couple more," says Robert. "I just feel you have to work harder and not compare it to anything else, because it'll just drive you crazy."

Once again directed by Guy Ritchie, the 'Sherlock Holmes' sequel (in theaters Dec. 16) finds Robert returning as Holmes and Jude returning as Watson in turn-of-the-century London and facing their toughest adversary, Professor Moriarty, played by Jared Harris. Swedish 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' star Noomi Rapace also joins the sleuthing pair for all the action as a mysterious femme fatale.

"Noomi's fantastic," says Robert, and Jude agrees, "Noomi's been really good. Really, really good. [She's] been a great addition. … You ask about who's in good shape, I think she would kick both of our asses -- she's a tough cookie." "She likes to fight," concurs Robert.

Robert dresses in disguise as a woman in one of the scenes, and the Oscar nominee explains, "I actually have to say that this 'Some Like It Hot' moment was kind of my idea, and then when we were getting closer and closer I was thinking,' Is this a really bad idea?" And as it happens, it's good, I think."

"The idea this time was to remember what put us in the position to be able to join forces again," elaborates Robert. "The tone of Sherlock and Watson this time around [is darker] -- they're actually up against their greatest nemesis, therefore we're afforded a little more levity [in some of the scenes]."

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Looks like the game is afoot. And by 'game' I mean epic bromance between RDJ and Jude Law.