Natalie Portman: HYPOCRITE.

Natalie Portman has a nasty habit of routinely making ridiculous statements and doing the exact thing she condemned a minute before. In an ONTD original and exclusive, mangosmuggler takes a look at the numerous times Natalie Portman makes a gigantic asshole of herself.

“I'm pretty much a boring Goody Two-shoes. I've definitely gotten drunk before, I don't think it's possible to go through college without getting drunk, but I don't really like it at all. I actually tried my first cigarette last year at school. I just figured, if many people are smoking, there must be something to it, and before I pooh-pooh it I should at least know what it's about. I took one puff and I was like, OK, I was right. There's nothing to it. They're just wrong, it's disgusting.

We all know she's been out of college for years. Here is Natalie being "wrong" and "disgusting" (her words, of course)
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Nice. Although she has not been photographed smoking since her pregnancy announcement, do you suppose he/they will quit for the baby? Snap.

“I think it is a really beautiful thing that we have recognition within our industry - but it's not that important.”
WTF DO YOU CALL ALL THE HYPE IN THE OSCAR RACE FOR BLACK SWAN if it's "not that important"? The Academy should award Best Actress to someone who not only deserves to win, but who would actually appreciate it.

Portman once said she would “never be in a horror movie or any other ‘Jennifer Love Hewitt-type’ film”
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What do you call No Strings Attached? It’s a romantic comedy wherein “a guy and girl try to keep their relationship strictly physical, but it’s not long before they learn that they want something more.” Calls to Jennifer’s reps were not returned because I never called him or her. However, if she wishes to release a statement, she may leave a comment below.
“I aspire to make more comedies because we never see enough good ones.”
Really? We never see good comedies? Hollywood, ouch. Is No Strings Attached one of those good ones?

“It's horrible to be a sex object at any age, but at least when you're an adult you can make the decision if you want to degrade yourself.”
“Young actors often don't think of the consequences of doing nudity or sex scenes. They want the role so badly that they agree to be exploited, and then end up embarrassing family, friends, and even strangers.”
I guess she wanted her role in Closer and the short film Hotel Chevalier "so badly." So either she has decided to degrade herself and has embarrassed family, friends, and even strangers; or, she is yet again full of shit.
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Regarding her starring role in Closer, “It’s not exploitative, but it is about sex. No kids allowed. It’s definitely a different thing for me, but I feel like I’m old enough to handle it now. I sort of understand more how to deal with it publicly, and it doesn’t shatter me. I don’t have to go to school the next day and have people be like, “Oh, I saw you in that movie; you were very dirty.’”
Portman, much lauded for completing a degree at Harvard (in psychology, no less), apparently failed to realize that perhaps other actors found they were “old enough to handle it” when they made the decision to do nude scenes. Newsflash: people have different views on nudity. I didn’t go to Harvard, but damn, I knew that. Natalie Portman, why do you talk?!

Portman later regretted going nude on film for a torture scene, stating, “I’m really sorry I didn’t listen to my intuition. There was a scene in a movie that felt inappropriate for me, but I didn’t want to make waves… From now on, I’m going to trust my gut more. Sometimes, the most powerful thing you can do is say no.”
How about saying you’re sorry for insulting people left and right?

On violence in the media: "We live in a violent world, but since the success of films like Pulp Fiction, it seems every movie has some violence in it, and it's now being used as a form of comedy: audiences are now being encouraged to laugh when people get their heads blown off. I just don't like hearing people laugh at violence."
Then what does she call her popular "Natalie's Rap" from her appearance on "Saturday Night Live"? It was about violence being humorous... STFU Portapotty-mouth

In June 2002, Portman told "Rolling Stone" magazine, "I don't go wagging my boobs around in people's faces"
O RLY? You don't? I'm not complaining about her wearing low-cut dresses without a bra; it's the fact that she claimed she doesn't do it, and then does it on countless occasions. Besides, if it was someone like Pamela Anderson was wearing those dresses, people would call her trashy. When it's Saint Portman? No, never!
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Natalie has confirmed she is a blatant hypocrite by modeling for Dior. Natalie should shut up about being vegan if she thinks it’s acceptable to work with Dior just because they custom-made her vegan-friendly shoes and accessories for the shoot.
Natalie, who can’t seem to shut up about being vegan and wearing vegan shoes, violated her own ethics as a vegan by endorsing a brand that REGULARLY USES FUR in their winter line. By loaning her face and name to their advertising campaign, she is directly supporting Dior. Supporting Dior means they can continue to make more fur and leather products. It's not that complicated. I guess it’s okay to go against what you believe in as long as they make you look pretty and pay you enough. Natalie Portman is no friend of the animal kingdom.
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I wonder if she will make her fiance sign a pre-nup. He struck gold when he knocked her up. If he plays his cards right and invests well, he may never have to work again! For Natalie's sake, I hope she does insist on a pre-nup, so she doesn't end up like her character Novalee Nation
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P.S. What if Natalie officially responds to ONTD? We could be huge!

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edit: wow, I thought from the overly sarcastic tone people would get that the whole thing is a joke, poking fun at her. It's not a serious attack on her. This is not serious business people, calm down.
P.S.S. Stans are worse than haters. At least haters are funny...
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