Misfits is Awesome, possible spin-off?

British TV show Misfits voted:

Upstarts of the Year

As part of the Independent's television review of the year, E4's "ASBO superhero" drama, Misfits, has been named "Upstarts of the Year".

feel free to look at my tits, yeah?

In November, as series 2 of Misfits began in the UK, signs were already emerging that a third series had been commissioned and that a US version was being considered(OH HELL NO).
That series came to a close just before Christmas – with a spectacular season finale and an extended Christmas special – and fans were rewarded with confirmation that a third series is already in development.

Furthermore, Overman hinted that the Misfits universe could be expanded a la Doctor Who, with
a spin-off series being considered.

My ulterior motives to this post are to discuss Misfit theories (e.g. Will Simon have to die because Future Simon dies? etc...) and to discuss the spin-off. Who would star in the spin-off? What would the story be?

gifs, quotes, all Misfit shenanigans encouraged.

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