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Kathy Griffin Dares to Be Thrown Off CNN's Live New Year's Eve Broadcast

Kathy Griffin ended 2009 by swearing on air during her CNN New Year's Eve Special with Anderson Cooper, getting fired and having to give her paycheck back.

This year Griffin has been invited back and hasn't tamed her act a bit.

"There's no regret," she tells The Hollywood Reporter of last year's punishment for blurting on f-bomb live on air. "I only want to go further."

In fact she's calling her fourth New Year's reunion with Cooper "Yank-watch 2011." Because this year the brass at CNN have gotten even tougher on their efforts of curbing her bad language and are fully-poised to pull her off the air.

"This year in my contract, in addition to the stipulation that I have to give my money back if I swear, they also say they are just going to literally pull me," says Griffin.

Besides the F-bomb, there are a number of no-go areas that she doesn't mind trouncing over during the broadcast.

"I have a list of words I should have looked at in my contract, but I didn't," she says. "I don't think its changed much since the George Carlin routine. I haven't technically read it. I don't consider it to be binding, I'm an artist.”

Nonetheless she has a plan for when and if the ejection takes place.

"If CNN dares to pull me live, I'll be walking right over to New Year's Rockin’ Eve to give Dick Clark a lap dance." she vows. "It's up to you America."

Griffin swears that her generally embarrassed co-host Cooper has no personal problems with her language, and said nothing about keeping it clean during a pre-event dinner Wednesday night in New York. But the "top brass" at CNN do. In fact last year after her f-bomb episode: "I did have to give my payback last year. I breached my contract."

As to how far she plans to make it in this year’s show, even she cannot predict.

"We're on from 11 to 12:30 so I think it's important to make it to, um, at least 10 p.m." she jokes. "That's before I'm even on. But I've had nervous moments in the CNN truck before the show in the past."

Beyond that, there are situations in cold New York City where getting fired is not that bad an option -- especially when you work outside.

"It's really cold on the riser. Not like Ryan (Seacreast) in that heated glass box of warmth," says Griffin. "Sometimes in commercial breaks I just cry and Anderson rocks me. I might get fired just to keep myself warm this year."

I hope everyone on ONTD has a fantastic New Year!

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