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i09 recaps the best and worst sci-fi/fantasy TV moments of 2010

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We've rounded up every wonderful and horrible clip, from a year's worth of television watching. Island flushing, bow ties, vampire newscasts and twisty head sex — it's all on our list. See the best, and the worst, of 2010's TV.

The Best: (Video won't embed. Click here.)

  • True Blood's Russell Edgington gives a very special vampire broadcast. Watch the entire message here.

  • Ilana goes boom. From the Lost episode "Everybody Loves Hugo." Perhaps she wasn't that important after all?

  • Psych's Alien fist pound. If you don't get it, you never will. Runner-up, Freddie Prinze Jr.'s secret Psych nerd lair.

  • It was impossible to pick just one moment from AMC's Walking Dead. So instead we selected an extra long clip that showcases everything we loved about this series: the make-up, the action, the characters, and the tension. The entire tank scene is pure adrenaline-fueled entertainment. It's our favorite, but certainly not the only great moment from the series. Runner's up include the horse ride into Atlanta, little zombie girl intro, and the half-dead biker mercy killing.

  • Doctor Who's brand new quip "Bow Ties Are Cool." Yes we could have picked the Van Gogh art show time travel tear jerker, or the triumphant return of Auton Rory, which were all brilliant to be sure. But, the person who really helped us get over our David Tennant withdrawal was the brand new Doctor, Matt Smith. Thanks to his adorable, and exceptionally British Doctor-isms. So we tip our hat to the new Doctor, and his stylish bow-ties.

  • The sadly canceled Stargate Universe had a turning point with the episode "Cloverdale." After a rough first year, this particular scene was the first real proof that the cast and crew had learned how to marry drama and action together. Plus we love the idea of using the Stargate's event horizon as a weapon!

  • Even though this was the BIG return for Futurama, and the 100th episode, our favorite moment was from the 95th episode titled, "The Late Philip J. Fry." Professor Farnsworth invents a time machine that only goes forward into the future. Naturally Bender, Fry and the Professor wind up stuck steamrolling through the future, waiting for it to recycle back. The various versions of the planet are by far the best.

  • True Blood's vampire sex scene that will live on in Infamy. Watch the entire horror show here.

  • Castiel watches porn on Supernatural's "Caged Heat" episode. The lessons he learned from the "pizza man" come in handy later on with Meg, sigh.

  • The highlight of this season of Chuck was all Jeffster, especially when they released their music video "Blaze of Glory" in "Chuck Versus the Ring: Part II". Watch the entire thing here.

  • It was damn impossible to pick just one Venture Bros joke but this year's joke beat out the "What's A Rusty Venture?" gag. Behold several different ways to describe the saddest tits in all the world from the "Every Which Way But Zeus" episode (entire joke here).

  • Just forget that fact that the wonderful couple Jin and Sun (who were separated FOREVER) were both coldly and cruelly killed off a mere three episodes later. All we want to remember from the final season from Lost was this glorious reunion from "The Last Recruit."

  • Eureka and Warehouse 13 finally crossed universes this year and sent Fargo and Claudia to each others respective shows. It was pure nerd joy to watch our favorite little geeks fall in like, or love, (who knows, let's not label it!). Here's our favorite little kiss from the Eureka episode "Crossing Over."

  • The Bird's Of Prey sing about superhero's, um, erm, manhood? Thank you Batman: The Brave and The Bold and Gail Simone who penned this particular episode. Watch the whole thing here: Bird's of Prey Sing About Aquaman's Tiny Penis.

  • South Park unleashes the Cthulhu in their three-part series "Coon 2: Hindsight", "Mysterion Rises", and "Coon vs. Coon and Friends."

  • Bravo to V for filming the strangest (and least arousing) alien sex scene of the year. Watch the whole scene here.

  • The final moments of Fringe's season finale "Over There: Part 2" shocked, horrified, and changed the game for the parallel-universe drama.

  • We're awarding the 2010 crown for "best non-genre series for genre fans" to Community. It was all but impossible to pick a favorite moment (the space race spoof was a VERY close second) but in the end the Predator screaming paintball explosion from "Modern Warfare" won out.

The Worst: (Click here to watch video.)

  • Sun loses the ability to speak in English, but can still write and understand English, after smacking her head on a tree in "The Package." Yeah, we're not buying it either, Miles. And no, we don't care if this totally happened to your cousin's, brother's, sister's college roommate, it was a ridiculous thing to do to Sun.

  • Summer Glau cameos on Chuck to peddle Subway. Yes yes, we love Summer, and we know Chuck was "in on it" but just like the Cheerio hawkers of Days Of Our Lives, we didn't find this that funny either. But, it's OK, she kicked ass in the rest of the episode. Full clip and review here.

  • Naked hellos on Smallville.

  • The most dramatic haircut in the history of television, from the True Blood finale. This was a very important metaphor haircut for important metaphors reasons! And sheesh the musical build-up... for a haircut. Terrible pay off.

  • Anna fire-pills her faithful alien followers on V. Full review and clip here.

  • We loves us some Walking Dead, and we know that zombie are the eternal metaphor for consumerism yada yada. But please, if you're going to force eco-politics down our throats, please be a bit more gentle. "TS-19" had a lot, and we mean a lot, of politico jibber-jabber, and not nearly enough killing. Heck, the only thing we can remember getting shot in this episode was the scientist fancy MRI machine. Which was hilarious in its own right.

  • Desmond unplugs the Island, and it actually makes a "powering down" sound. Good lord. Seriously, screw every little thing that has to do with "the light" on the last season of Lost.

  • SGU's "Pathogen" spaceship pillow talk. Needs more space.

  • Smallville's version of Glenn Beck goes to an S&M club where Lois is "undercover," see she's wearing a mask and everything!

  • True Blood's, raver fairy land. Horrible, just horrible.

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