11 YA Novels We Can't Wait To Read In 2011

Now that we've decided (or rather, YOU'VE decided) which 2010 YA novel was tops, it's time to turn our attention to the plethora of books that will fill our shelves, nightstands, desks, coffee tables—you get the point—in 2011. Happily, many of our favorite authors will be back with sequels and spin-offs, meaning a year of guaranteed great reads. So, without further ado, here's our countdown of the 11 YA novels we can't wait to read in 2011!

11. "Where She Went" by Gayle Forman (April 5, 2011)
We'll admit this sequel to Gayle's heart-wrenching "If I Stay" is a bit of a head-scratcher. Mia's bittersweet story seemed so perfectly wrapped-up in "If I Stay" that it's hard to see the need for a follow-up. However, the fact that this tale is narrated by Mia's ex-boyfriend Adam—three years after the events of the first novel—adds enough intrigue that we'll totally stay.

10. "Tiger's Curse" by Colleen Houck (January 11, 2011)
Originally self-published, the re-issued "Tiger's Curse" (the first in a trilogy) follows teen Kelsey Hayes, who discovers she alone has the power to break a curse that has turned an Indian prince into a white tiger.

9. "Passion" by Lauren Kate (June 14, 2011)
This third volume in the "Fallen" series is actually a prequel to the events of "Fallen" and "Torment." It spans nearly 5,000 years and aims to explain all of Luce and Daniel's important moments. Talk about ambitious.

8. "The Dark and Hollow Places" by Carrie Ryan (March 22, 2011)
"To be, or not to be" that is Annah's question in this "Forest of Hands and Teeth" novel. Let's hope for the former rather than the latter.

7. "Awakened" by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast (January 4, 2011)
Eager fans need only wait five more days for the eighth volume in the "House of Night" series by this talented mother-daughter team. Did we mention we'll be rolling out several exclusive goodies next week in anticipation of the release? Yeah, you better come back...

6. "Forever" by Maggie Stiefvater (July 12, 2001)
In this conclusion to Maggie's three-part fantasy romance, we'll find out if the wolves can prevail.

5. "Clockwork Prince" by Cassandra Clare (September 2011)
We can hardly wait to revisit Victorian London through the eyes of the magical Tessa Gray. Oh, and can we talk about that budding love triangle?

4. "Caster Chronicles Book #3" by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (Fall 2011)
Descriptive title, huh? We're as much in the "Beautiful Darkness" as you are about the third installment of this southern Gothic tale.

3. "Crossed" by Ally Condie (November 1, 2011)
Can Cassia find and save Ky—the Aberration she's forbidden to love—before he's killed on the frontlines of an Outer Province war? Here's hoping we find out in the second installment of Ally's excellent dystopian trilogy.

2. "Bloodlines" by Richelle Mead (August 23, 2011)
We're still in the throes of Dimitri withdrawals after finishing "Last Sacrifice," the grand finale to Richelle's six-part "Vampire Academy" series. Thankfully, we don't need a spirit user to heal us—we have this spin-off to sooth our souls. With alchemist Sydney, Moroi Jill and an unnamed love interest (totally Adrian, right?) returning, we'd travel to the Siberian wilderness this instant to get our hands on a copy.

1. "City of Fallen Angels" by Cassandra Clare (April 5, 2011)
Yes, you read that right. Cassandra has not one but two novels debuting in 2011 (and on our list). Busy lady! Thank the Angel Cassandra decided to expand her "The Mortal Instruments" trilogy into a giant six-part saga. We weren't ready to say goodbye to Clary, Jace and Simon quite yet.


ONTD: What about you? What are the books you're most looking forward to in 2011?

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