Extreme Couponing: New Show on TLC!

Imagine buying over $1100 worth of goods for only about $50! TLC's new show "Extreme Couponing" features people who go to great lengths for a deal on major hauls -- and ET has a first look.

In clips from the upcoming series, deal diehard Joanie proudly shows off her saving skills, raking in a $638.64 haul for just $2.64. She has massive stocks of supplies, as does Amanda, another 'extreme couponer' featured who shows off her toilet paper reserves.

"I've been stockpiling for about three and a half years," she says. "When I look at my toilet paper the feeling it brings to me is absolute joy!" She and her partner have over 3000 rolls of toilet paper, enough to last the couple around 40 years.

Another super shopper, Nathan, prepares for the haul of his life and he arms himself with coupons. He creates an order so big it has to be broken up because the register can only scan 500 items at a time. His purchase includes 60 bottles of hand soap, 40 bottles of water and 1100 boxes of cereal -- a nearly $6000 value at just $241. Nathan also has over 10,000 items stocked at home.

Checkout with "Extreme Couponing" Wednesday night 8/7c on TLC.


OMG. One lady spent over $1,000 and after coupons only spent a little over $50!