Lady Gaga’s Corporate Sponsors Aren’t Exactly Gay-Friendly

If you didn’t know who Lady Gaga was coming into 2010, suffice to say you do now. And so do corporate sponsors, who have been blowing up her telephone (to borrow a line) with offers of product placement in her super-popular music videos.

Among the biggest companies to get her to shill their products, according to, are:

* Virgin Mobile
* Hewlett-Packard
* Diet Coke
* Campari
* Chanel
* Alexander McQueen
* Philippe Starck
* Nintendo
* Burberry
* Chevrolet
* Polaroid
* Wonderbread
* Miracle Whip
But, as LA Weekly points out, some of those companies don’t exactly practice what Lady Gaga preaches, especially when it comes to gay equality:

Miracle Whip is owned by Kraft Foods, which donates almost exclusively to Republican candidates –including several who have gotten scores of 0 by Equality California, an organization whose mission it is “to ensure and promote dignity, safety and equality for all of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Californians.”

Hewlett-Packard’s donation record is also mixed in this respect, contributing to some candidates with solid voting records in favor of LBGT issues, and some against.

But Chevrolet’s parent company contributed primarily to social conservatives, including House Whip Eric Cantor, who voted yes on a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman, and voted no on enforcing specific punishments for anti-gay hate crimes.

That is some lazy background checking for a celebrity who plans to put out two albums (one titled Born This Way) next year because she was so inspired by the repeal of California’s Proposition 8, undoing the ban on gay marriage. Who also headlined an anti-Don’t Ask Don’t Tell rally in September. Whose appearance at the Human Rights Campaign’s 2009 black-tie gala was so hyped, even Obama said, “It is a privilege to be here tonight to open for Lady Gaga.”

It seems like at the very least, she could endorse products by companies that aren’t actively trying to undo everything she says she stands for. But that would require a little more consciousness and research on her part, and who has time for it when there are tripe boas and fishnet tank tops to design?

i honestly think this should be pointed towards her management rather than her.
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