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Britney Spears Voted The #1 Celebrity You Love Of 2010

Like a fine wine, some celebrities get even better with age. More than half the celebs our readers voted in as the Top 10 Celebrities You Love of 2010 have all been in the business for over 10 years, and one even so much as 50 years. But one thing is for sure, you guys like a woman on top and love her, hate her, say what you want about her, you voted her as the #1 Top Celebrity You Love of 2010.

1. Britney Spears
Britney Spears is one of the most loved celebrities of the year and she doesn’t even have to try. The pop singer didn’t utter a single musical note in 2010, opting instead to hawk her new line of clothing for Candie’s and her new perfume “Radiance.” But a “Glee” tribute earned the show its highest ratings and reminded people of what a pop music tour-de-force this 29-year-old titan can be. In March, she’ll release her seventh studio album which is said to be harder and grimier than her previous efforts. So thank you K$, Gaga, and company, but the leader is back in the ring. And if you don’t like it, you can kiss her lily white southern Louisiana ass.

2. Rihanna
Rihanna has become the perfect pop star. Hard working and always looking stunning, she manages to team up with the hottest producers and pump out one of the better pop releases each year. This year, she gives us “Loud,” a disc of urban and pop party anthems that ensures dance floor supremacy for the year to come. With three singles currently at the top of the charts (“Only Girl (In the World),” “What’s My Name?,” and “Who’s That Chick”), that Rihanna reign won’t let up for another year.

3. Ke$ha
Even I thought there was no way the “Tik Tok” girl could produce a whole album of talky/rapping party starters. But then she released “Animal,” one of the most infectious dance pop records of the year, and now we’re all using special characters in our name and showering less. After earning four top 10 hits off “Animal,” she unleashed the EP “Cannibal” which only leaves us hungry for more.

4. Katy Perry
Perry became all our teenage dreams this year, releasing one of the better pop discs of the year and showing off her assets in ridiculous outfit after ridiculous outfit (her Christmas-themed costumes for her Jingle Ball tours were among our favorites). But besides being melt-your-popsicle hot, it’s the way she confections #1 hits like “Teenage Dream,” “California Gurls,” and “Firework” that make us not want to ever look back.

5. Leonardo Dicaprio
Ever since he sank with the “Titanic” in 1997, Dicaprio continues to be one of the best actors of his generation. He starred in not one but two of the most acclaimed movies of the year, Martin Scorsese’s “Shutter Island” and Chris Nolan’s “Inception.” Whatever he’s got up his sleeve next, we’ll be there. He hasn’t steered us wrong since “The Man in the Iron Mask.” And even that wasn’t half-bad.

6. Some Nobody/Irrelevant/No1curr/etc.

7. Taylor Swift
Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift can write a “Mean” song. Just as “Fearless” was starting to leave our disc changers, she hits us with “Speak Now,” another album all bout the boys that have come into her life, like Taylor Lautner (“Back to December”), John Mayer (“Dear John”), and “Glee” star Cory Monteith (something else). Unlike Carly Simon, if you probably think this song is about you, it most likely is.

8. Johnny Depp
Earning double Golden Globe nominees for his turns as the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” reimagining and the straight guy in a case of mistaken identity in “The Tourist,” it’s easy to see why Depp has always been one of our favorites. But it’s when he dons his Captain Jack Sparrow duds for the “Pirates of the Carribean” films, like “On Stranger Tides” next year, that he’s at his blockbuster best.

9. Betty White
The Golden Girl had one of the best years ever. She’s working harder than most younger Hollywood starlets, starring in “You Again” opposite Kristen Bell, TV Land’s hit “Hot in Cleveland,” doing guest spots on shows like “30 Rock “ and “Community,” and even starting her own clothing line. A Facebook campaign finally earned her a hosting gig on “SNL,” which she said she “didn’t know what Facebook was, and now that I do know what it is, I have to say, it sounds like a huge waste of time.” Always funny, always classy, White will never get old to us.

10. Conan O’Brien
With hands down the funniest Twitter of 2010 and a hilarious new hour on TBS, it’s hard not to be on Team Coco. After fulfilling his contractual obligation to not be funny on television for 7 months, it’s great to see the sharp-witted, tall-haired comedian back on TV.


Merry Britmas/Happy New Year/etc
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