Sarah (star_cuddles) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Gordon Ramsay's dog gets randy with Emma Bunton

PITY the poor lady celebs suffering a dog’s life at Gordon Ramsay’s annual Christmas knees-up.
Crunching up the gravel path to the chef’s West London home, Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton looked nervous as that familiar wrinkled face leered out at them.

And as Posh Spice, 36, stepped over the threshold, he bounded over, cocked a leg and proceeded to hump her thigh. A lot.

Yep Rumpole Ramsay, Gordon and wife Tana’s three-year-old bulldog, was the star of the show on Wednesday night, as David and Victoria, Emma and Jade Jones, and James Corden plus pregnant girlfriend, Jules Carey, enjoyed a festive feast.

Hitting on every lady present, but most enamoured of Ms Bunton, 34, the horny hound had to be pulled off various limbs by an increasingly irate Gordon.

Indeed when Tana announced supper, Emma couldn’t move until the Michelin-starred cook administered a tap around the haunches, and pulled Rumpole off the molested Spice Girl.

My mole says: “Rumpole and the cat Theodora were real stars. Rumpole took a shine to Victoria and Emma which ensured Gordon made full use of his vocabulary of expletives.”
Tags: celebrity pets / animals, hollywood hookup, music / musician (pop)

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