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Who's ringing in the New Year in Las Vegas?

Gwyneth Paltrow is set to be joining her husband, Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin, onstage at the record-breaking, $25 million New Year's Eve celebration at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

Coldplay and Jay-Z, who'll be there with wife Beyoncé, have each been paid up to $1 million to perform for 2,500 invited guests at the new hotel. Sources said the lavish opening party is a massive spend by Deutsche Bank, which bought the 2,995-room property in 2008 when it was in foreclosure and spent $3.9 billion to complete it.

Andrew Fox, CEO of newyearseve.com, which sells event tickets, told us: "To my knowledge, this is the biggest spend on New Year's Eve -- $25 million over the weekend for 4,000 guests." A Cosmopolitan rep said, "Gwyneth and Beyoncé are not confirmed for any kind of performance at this point. It would be incorrect to use the number $25 million." Paltrow's rep didn't get back to us.

Meanwhile, Fox said Miami's Fontainebleau looks set to be the biggest New Year's Eve earner, with DJ Tiesto, who's getting about $200,000, on his way to selling out 4,000 tickets. Rihanna has a $250,000 deal to host at Pure at Caesars in Vegas.

Hip-hop diva Nicki Minaj is getting $75,000 to perform at Miami's Mansion. Drake commanded a whopping $250,000 for his gig at Wall at the W Hotel South Beach. Their reps declined to comment.

Trey Songz was shopping himself at $75,000 to host on South Beach, but ended up taking half to host at Lux. Songz's rep didn't respond. On the cheaper side, "Jersey Shore" star Snooki is at Madame Tussauds on West 42nd Street for $10,000, and has sold 1,600 of 2,000 tickets.

Some boldfaces overpriced themselves. Sources tell us "Twilight" star Ashley Greene was asking $30,000, but got no deal. But her rep said, "Ashley turned down numerous offers for New Year's gigs so that she could spend the holiday not working and with her friends." (lol.. yeah right)

Fox noted, "The stars not looking to cash in will be in warm-weather destinations -- St. Barts, Mexico and Fiji. The real big names are going on Paul Allen's yacht."

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