Miley's friends parody her salvia smoking drama

This is kind of sad.. the party people who apparently were at the scene of the salvia video return to the same exact room where they filmed a parody of Miley Cyrus‘ little salvia incident.

We’re really surprised someone would have enough guts and hatred towards Miley to actually do this.. people really have nothing better to do, huh? Either Miley really, really did something nasty to them in order to get back at her at this level or they got a really, really nice check.

We think the entire world needs to get over this whole dilemma.. Miley is 18-years-old, savia is legal, she’s a teenager (destined to experiment with stupid things), and it’s not the end of the world! We get it.. she’s an icon for tweens all over the world, but everyone makes mistakes?! It’s time to close this little chapter in the book of Milerz and move on!
P.S. — We think Miley needs to make better choices as to who she hangs out with.. and for one, don’t let people record you when you’re doing something stupid, life lesson #1.

It's pretty obvious that this was leaked purposely, why else would their faces be obscured if they didn't intend to mock her publicly without being identified? Yes Miley did a stupid thing and she's annoying but after watching this video i feel just a little sorry for her.

EDIT: This video was posted by another user, the bitch in the video not only thanks the media outlets that posted this story but then tries to cover her ass, ENEMY NUMBER ONE