Patrick Stump explains his album title.

Holy shit!!

We barely recognized Patrick Stump in his new promo photo for his upcoming February release Soul Punk.

Homeboy looks fierce!!!!

The former Fall Out Boy singer announced his new record earlier this year, and is now giving some details about the title and production.

"Neither I nor my music seem comfortably defined by the DIY punk or R&B/hip-hop scenes," Stump said in a press release.

"I feel like I operate between the margins. I want to contribute to the musical vernacular of both. I'm just as pissed off as I was while screaming in punk bands, but I feel like I'm directing it into something positive and centered around love."

Name aside, Soul Punk is the ultimate solo effort, with Stump writing all the music and lyrics, producing it himself, and playing all instruments (drums, bass, piano, electric and acoustic guitar, analog synths, percussion, trumpet, alto and tenor saxophone, mandolin, guitelele, the list goes on).

Stump does want some collaboration in one area, though.

He's inviting fans to choose between two versions of his song "Spotlight" (an upbeat track titled "New Regrets" or a more downtrod "Oh Nostalgia") to make the cut for the album.

Vote for your favorite version of "Spotlight" here.


Mods, please ignore the other post. I forgot tags. I seriously can't wait for his album. He's starting to send out promo photos which is a good sign for the album next year!