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Britney Spears Approached by Weight Loss Companies

Britney Spears has reportedly been approached by several weight loss companies to undergo their plans and become a spokesgal for the firms, according to one published report.

But the gal that once bared those tight abs at every turn says she's sick of dieting, according to a source.

The American tabloid Celebrity Living cites a 'source' and reports that Britney has turned down millions of dollars from the weight-loss companies.

The reason, she's comfortable with the new weight.


But the report also details what many other reports have dished, that hubby Kevin Federline is K-Fed up with the baby weight. He reportedly is calling her some pretty cruel nicknames (behind her back the report reads) such as 'fat-ass and 'big-mama.'

That may be too much for Brit as it is reportedly causing stress and -egads - causing her to eat more.

The solution, according to the story, from some of her friends: dump K-Fed and pick up a diet doctor.

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