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Natalie Portman Pirouettes into Dior’s Spotlight & more Black Swan promo stills

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With Oscar buzz swirling for her star turn in “Black Swan,” a Dior beauty contract under her belt and a film production company poised to release two films this spring, this is Natalie Portman’s moment.

The gamine actress couldn’t be happier with audience reaction to her role in the Darren Aronofsky film. “Your biggest dream, when you make a film, is that people respond to it, and once they see it have these crazy reactions to it and different interpretations and bring their own thing to it,” Portman said during an interview with WWD at the end of long day of promoting her new role as a face for Dior’s Miss Dior Cherie, the first project of what is expected to be a lengthy relationship with the fashion house.

Natalie Portman is magical. She is radiant and graceful, also intelligent and committed with a unique luminous intensity.Collapse )

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I finally saw Black Swan and it was as awesome as I hoped it would be! :D
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