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Catrina Smirnoff and Catnip Richards at Friskies "Cat Diaries" Event

Hollywood has some new stars in town and they're pretty cool cats – literally! Last night, Friskies® brand cat food premiered " Cat Diaries: The First Ever Movie Filmed by Cats" and gave viewers a look into their magical world. This short film features documentary style footage taken directly from cats, who donned video cameras on their collars to provide around-the-clock coverage of their daily lives. From apartments to homes, from New York to California, viewers are taken on a tour across the country to see life from a cat's perspective.

Denise has the scariest eyes. I don't think she's ever blinked. Her eyes must get really dry.

In true Hollywood fashion the film was unveiled during a red-carpet event at The Grove's Pacific Theatre in Los Angeles. While the film's feline stars took center stage for the evening, celebrities like film and television actress Denise Richards [Um, it was Denise, Karina, and 2 producers on the red carpet. Way to exaggerate "celebrities", press release]were on hand to help celebrate. A VIP cocktail reception kicked-off the evening at the Whisper Lounge and a special screening of a recently released animated film directly followed. It was the purrfect Tinseltown event.

I think Karina looks better as a cat, wtfivehead

Oh, and PR release writer. You really used "purrfect" in your release? Um, I'll let Seth and Amy take this one:

To create the four-minute film, a handful of cats from across the country were equipped with HD video cameras around their collars to collect documentary style footage of their daily lives. The film stars a number of these "celebricats" including Charlene Butterbean, Fudge, Gizmo and Milo as they explore, play and enjoy life. Friskies worked with Los Angeles based director/producer Erik Denno and editor/director Jason Farrell to spotlight cats on the silver screen. Bryan Lee Brown and Paul Figueroa created the film's original music.

"Friskies wanted to share the magical world of cats in an entirely new way. We want the whole world to see and enjoy cats' unique personalities and perspectives," said Daniel Henke-Cilenti, senior brand manager of Friskies. "To give cats the spotlight they deserve, we made them the stars of their own film and celebrated in true Hollywood fashion."
A shorter version of the movie will be screened at select theaters from December 10 to December 23 in the following ten markets:

■Holtsville, NY
■Anaheim Hills, CA
■Orland Park, IL
■Center Valley, PA
■Brentwood, CA
■Randolph, MA
■Conyers, GA
■Silver Spring, MD
■Conroe, TX
■St. Louis, MO

Or you could just watch it here, and not prove to your city that you're a raging catlady/catgaydy who will be foreveralone.gif with your 8million cats.

[LOL, it was uploaded yesterday, and when I pulled it up I was view #165. Friskies Ad Fail]

This is an ONTD Pet Appreciation post. Post your furbabies.
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