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HI ONTD! Well the year is quickly coming to an end, the decade too! And you know what that means!!

A buttload of lists from every single website, each basically saying the exact same thing, or trying very hard to be UNIQUE and DIFFERENT.

I know ONTD loves/hates lists, they're easy to read but they're all the same. So I think we would all appreciate it if you try to be picky about which lists you post. If MTV puts out a list, that would be good to post. If your local retirement home puts out a list...well actually that would be so unique and weird, I'd support it, but you know, some small town obscure publication does not need to be posted. (BRENDEN SAID I NEED TO MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND NOT TO POST FROM SOME LAME NO NAME BLOG) And please do not take it personally if your post is rejected. We don't reject things because we hate YOU, we reject it because we hate what you POSTED. (This goes for all things, if something is rejected just let it go, don't resubmit it 20 times.)

Oh, and to be totally hypocritical about hating small time lists, guess which website is going to have its own "Best Of" list! THAT'S RIGHT! US!! We'll be having a Best Of 2010 post later on. Hopefully it will have the best posts of the year, best...this and that, I don't know, we're still figuring it out.

Anyway, just remember to be cool, don't hotlink, don't forget sources, CHECK to see if your article has been posted before by checking the tags or googling it and "ohnotheydidnt."

I guess you all can goof around in here, but don't fight or make giant gif pic posts or like misbehave in general because i am a GRUMPY MESS

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