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A post about the greatest bromance of all time

Frost and Pegg's sunny holiday plan

Nick Frost has revealed he and friend Simon Pegg's plan to set their new film in America so they could enjoy the sunshine backfired.

The Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz star co-wrote and stars in new comedy Paul with Simon, about two British comic-book geeks who are travelling across American when they encounter an alien outside Area 51.

Nick revealed at the Sky 3D Women in Film and TV Awards: "We were shooting Shaun Of The Dead actually and it was pouring with rain in Crouch End and (film producer) Nira Park suggested we go somewhere where it never rains, so immediately you think of the desert and Nevada and Area 51 so it kind of came from that really.

He added: "It didn't work. They get a lot of rain in Santa Fe."

The film is due out on February 14, Valentine's Day next year, so Nick joked it was a rom-com.

He said: "With me and Simon there is always a romantic comedy."


Tags: british celebrities, comedy / comedian, film, simon pegg

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