a Prince without a Kingdom (spinel) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
a Prince without a Kingdom

Move over Ken, there is a new gay doll in town!

Since Mattel won't own the homosexuality of its Ken doll, allow the Tonner Doll Company — creators of high fashion and entertainment dolls — to introduce Andy Mills. He is a big homosexual. Which of course means he needs a big homosexual job and storyline.

Mr. Mills is a New York City event planner! He costs $179.99, which is a steal if you consider that it looks like he's wearing a miniature Tom Ford suit. "This well-suited party planner is ready for business in a sleek pin-striped suit with contrast pocket square, cotton shirt, tie, socks, molded plastic shoes, and glasses," reads the product description. "Includes display stand." Ooh girl!

The creation is the work of company head Robert Tonner, who "stunned" the toy world in 2002 with the release of plus-size doll Emme.

sauce:  www.queerty.com/meet-andy-mills-the-a-gay-power-doll-20101208/

i think Ken still has the Market cornered.
Tags: toys / memorabilia / collectibles

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