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Ashley Cole 'shuns Frankie's advances'

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OMG - how embarrassing!!

There you are, all dolled up and out on the town, very obviously moving on from a failed McFly-boy romance, only to find that celebland's most notorious manslag Ashley Cole has knocked you back.

Poor Frankie Sandford, sexy Saturdays singer, has reportedly been "shunned" by the Chelsea footballer... a man who will show his tightie whities to almost any girl with a mobile phone.

According to the Daily Mirror, the footballer turned his back on Frankie as she leaned in to kiss his neck and ended up physically pushing her away.

An inside witness told the paper: "He was with a few of his teammates having a quiet drink in the main room of the club.

"When Frankie heard he was there she sidled over to him and said hello. After a brief chat she perched on his knee to talk more privately."

Unfortunately, Ashley was too busy texting to even noticed the hot girl band member sitting in his lap.

The source added: "Eventually Frankie snapped and tried to grab the phone off him before starting to kiss his neck.

"He just looked slightly bemused and shoved her off to continue his frantic texting."

Earlier this year, Frankie voiced her outrage at the suggestion she had been secretly seeing Ashley, claiming she had never even met him.

We reckon, she's probably wishing that was still true.
What do you think? Is Ashley over Cheryl?

DIS BITCH! Leaving Dougie for Cashley? really? smh
then again you are both useless so whatever
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