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Godspeed You! Black Emperor Return

The post-rock heroes end their hiatus to play ATP

This past weekend, the reactivated Canadian post-rock collective Godspeed You! Black Emperor played All Tomorrow's Parties' Nightmare Before Christmas festival in Minehead, England. The fest, which GY!BE themselves curated, marked the group's first performances since they faded into inactivity nearly a decade ago, and thus, their first times on stage in the YouTube era. Predictably, video has shown up online. Check it out below, via Consequence of Sound.

GY!BE play the same way they always did: in near-complete darkness, with projections behind them, often not even looking at the crowd. Your computer screen probably won't conjure anything like the immersive catharsis of seeing them live, but it's reassuring proof that they exist once again. Check out "Storm" and "Moya" below.

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