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Extremely Lucky Lady Does Fun Photo-Shoot, Boring Interview

Jimmy Choo’s President and Co-founder Ms Tamara Mellon is the latest person to strip nude for controversial photographer Terry Richardson.

In a shoot for Interview Magazine, Terry has Tamara sprawled out on a sofa, smoking a cigarette and wearing nothing but a killer pair of heels and a strategically placed kitten covering her, er, ‘naughty bits’ (insert pun here)

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The scandalous Ms Mellon has often made tabloid headlines, whether it be for the celebs she dates (i.e. Kid Rock, Christian Slater) or for suing her Mother Ann Yeardye for 9.5 million over shares of Jimmy Choo. However Tamara tells Interview Magazine how the media have got her all wrong: “Journalists normally come in with a preconceived idea about what I’m like. They have all these assumptions that aren’t accurate,” she says. “They want this fantasy of this sort of tough businesswoman, red-carpet thing. That’s the story they want.”

When asked about her experience shooting with Terry, she said: “I’m very comfortable with Terry, so for me, it was very fun. To have a picture done by Terry Richardson—I mean, how amazing is that?”

Interview’s Camilla Johnson-Hill, tells Tamara she thinks the controversial photograph is ‘totally notorious’ and admits to ‘re-looking at it several times’, to which Tamara responds: "Oh, my god! I mean it's nude but it's chic. But with that reaction, okay... I wonder what they'll say at the next board meeting."


full interview can be found here


how amazing is that? a naked photo-shoot with TERRY FLAWLESSSON!
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