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More Soup for Joel McHale; Chicken Tetrazzini for everyone else

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Guys, it’s official. Tonight, I’m making myself some chicken tetrazzini. Why? Because EW has confirmed that guilty pleasure TV’s hero, Joel McHale, has signed on for two more years of The Soup. (Deadline first reported the news.) That means two more years of spaghetti cat, two more years of ribbing Mike Hawk, and two more years of good-natured, and well-deserved, mockery of television’s most ridiculous moments. Oh, here go hell come, TV!

Of course, McHale will continue to split his time between The Soup duties and NBC’s Thursday comedy Community, making him just one step below Seacrest (so their heights can match up, of course) when it comes to the hardest-working men in Hollywood. But Soup fans like myself haven’t been this happy since Rod Blagojevich joined The Celebrity Apprentice! And what great timing — the E! program just celebrated its 300th episode, and counted down the viewer-voted best moments. Of course, I have to disagree with their top three. My choices for the three best Soup moments:

3) Whitney Houston tells us to “Kiss my ass!”: The early moment set the tone for Joel’s tenure heading The Soup, and lead to one of the most quoteable lines in Soup history. Enjoy — the Being Bobby Brown scene remains as funny as it was about five years ago.

2) Chicken tetrazzini: I never thought I would say that Maury would make me hungry, but this clip made The Soup universe famished for more and more chicken tetrazzini. And Joel happily obliged.

1) Spaghetti Cat: Most of the time, we TV fanatics are well aware of the clips Joel showcases on The Soup. (Dancing With the Stars‘ Bruno, American Idol‘s Sanjaya, etc.) But it’s when Joel finds a hidden gem that the show really shines. (See also: Donka Doo Balls and anything with I Love Toy Trains.) And, by far, Joel’s most precious gem was spaghetti cat, featured on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. It truly was, as Joel said in his introduction of the clip, art.

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