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Justin Timberlake trips over his fat ego - halts production!

Justin Timberlake's on-set injury halts 'Now' production

Looks like Justin Timberlake's on-set injury rocked his body a little harder than we initially thought.

E! News confirms that filming of his new thriller, "Now," has temporarily been shut down in order to give Mr. JT time to recover. "Justin Timberlake sustained a muscle injury to his calf on the set," the production company has stated. "Production has taken a brief hiatus and will resume shortly."

Though the mishap occurred last Wednesday (Dec. 1), Justin continued filming that day and through the remainder of the week (what a trouper). It wasn't until Friday Dec. 3 that a prognosis was expected.

An insider tells E! News that shutdown should only last about two weeks, and that they are just waiting for the singer-turned-actor to bring his SexyBack off the crutches. He is reportedly still waiting on MRI results from his doctors.

Here's hoping JT will leave the rest of his stunts to the professionals. (I wish he would leave all acting to the professionals as well)

"Now" co-stars Amanda Seyfried and Olivia Wilde, and is expected to be released in Sept. 2011.

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