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Elle Fanning in Teen Vouge

"I just had a breakthrough!" exclaims up-and-comer Elle Fanning, referring, rather surprisingly, not to a challenging role in a new film (although she has quite a few of those in the works) but to her recent ballet lesson. "I did three pirouettes in a row. Afterward, I screamed with happiness," explains the Los Angeleno, who straps on her pink pointe shoes for practice five days a week.

Twelve-year-old Elle radiates the same effortlessly graceful vibe as her older sister, Dakota, does. She admits her entree into acting at age two was sparked by a typical little-sibling's rationale ("I grew up seeing her do it, so I wanted to try it too!" she recalls), but with a resume that includes parts alongside megastars Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett, Elle is carving out a career path all her own. She's playing a 1920s girl in the 3-D version of the ballet classic The Nutcracker as well as starring as the daughter of a hard-partying actor in Sofia Coppola's movie Somewhere. And despite being anointed by star-maker Coppola (whose fashion-forward eye has launched many a young actress, from Kirsten Dunst to Scarlett Johansson), Elle is sanguine: "My favorite part of my job is portraying different types of people. As long as I'm drawn to a character, I'll try it."

She admits that she's not quite as fearless when it comes to her beauty regimen, but fresh-faced Elle is better off for it. "I have sensitive skin, so I need to use a face wash that's pure. If it's too perfumy, I break out," she says, noting that her favorite is LancerRX Extremely Pure. In lieu of makeup, she focuses on good skin habits, like wearing sunscreen--that is, unless she's dressing up with her friends. "Then I'll try makeup with crazy sparkles in it!" she confesses. Her blonde locks, which are often twisted into a bun for ballet, get pampered with Kim Vo Moisturizing Conditioner, and she loves soaking in the tub with Lush bath bombs. But neither a megabusy schedule nor an achy body can keep Elle down. "Whether I'm acting or dancing, I always try to be the best that I can," she says.

Dakota has a tag? Why couldn't it be just "Fanning sisters"?

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