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Tonight's Dexter- get spoiled here.

See that over there? That’s the end of Dexter‘s fifth season, peeking around the corner, holding a needle behind its back, waiting anxiously for you.

The only thing standing between you and it is Sunday’s “Hop a Freighter,” the second-to-last episode of the year. Craving a preview of the action? You’ve come to the right blog post. We give you four teases from Dexter executive producer Manny Coto.

No. 1: “It’s a great moment of panic when you realize someone is spying on you but you don’t know who it is and what exactly have they seen. For Dexter, it’s the world’s worst nightmare…. The audience knows that it’s Liddy, but when Dexter finds out that the surveillance equipment has been checked out by Quinn, his trail leads toward Quinn. What’s Dexter going to do to stop Quinn, who he believes is on his trail?

No. 2: “Having worked alongside Deb for this entire season and slowly getting together and at the same time backing off from each other, Quinn finally bears his soul to Deb in such a way that she can no longer ignore what’s happened between them. And this is going to be complicated by the fact that Dexter believes that Quinn is spying on him.”

No. 3: “Deb narrows down the evidence against Jordan and believes she has enough to put him into custody— only to realize that it’s going to be harder than she imagined.”

No. 4: “Jordan Chase makes his ultimate gambit toward getting Dexter where he wants him. He makes a move that leaves Dexter devastated by the end of the episode.”

Now that you’ve been clued in, tell us: What do you think will happen on this week’s episode?




If you know me at all, or have been reading my Dexter coverage, you’ll know that I’m a hardcore Desmond Harrington fan. Have been ever since Ghost Ship eight years ago. So, needless to say, the wild speculation on the fate of his character, Detective Joey Quinn, on Showtime’s serial-killer drama has made things around these parts more than a little uncomfortable. The man himself isn’t reassuring me any, either.

In a recent interview with E! Online, Desmond lets us know definitively that “Quinn is in trouble. I’m definitely in trouble.” Well, it can’t get much more clear than that, at least from what he’d legally be allowed to say without completely blowing the show’s upcoming finale.

If Quinn does end up bowing out, however (and he’s not at liberty to say if he’s a part of season six, which is expected to happen but has not yet been officially confirmed by Showtime), at least he’ll have gone out on a high. He confirms that Quinn’s romance with Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) definitely is the real deal.  “He definitely has softened up a lot. I honestly like that he’s a little softer and basically he’s fallen in love with this girl,” he says. That makes two of us, as I’ve long maintained Quinn deserved something good in his love life after the mess with Christine Hill last season, and Debra is even more overdue for a boyfriend who’s not dead or in the business of making other people dead.

His chances of survival are better than, say, Sergeant Doakes, as Desmond theorizes that unlike the previous cop who got too close to Dexter’s secret, Quinn might actually be amenable to his colleague’s alter-ego. “Honestly I don’t think [Quinn] would have a problem with this idea of justice being served the way that Dexter does it. Quinn more or less has a code of his own. I feel like he is very much a cop that would go to bat for other cops, and not necessarily in the best means.”

This also explains how he’s fallen in with the likes of Stan Liddy (Peter Weller), an old friend who’s now become quite the thorn in his side. Although Liddy no longer has blackmail material over Quinn with Deb having found out about Quinn’s suspicions regarding her brother on her own, he’s certainly setting Quinn up for blame by forging the detective’s signature and using Miami Metro equipment to keep tabs on Dexter. Hopefully, Dexter will realize it’s not Quinn doing the dirty work, and Liddy will get a much-deserved permanent ending.

Quinn has a lot to worry about. He’s got a relationship worth saving, an old friend who seemingly can’t be stopped, and he certainly has to keep on breathing. Here’s to hoping he accomplishes all of that and makes it in one reasonable piece to season seven. I certainly don’t want to see Desmond going anywhere.


So are we holding a prayer circle for Quinn or breaking out our voodoo dolls??

As long as Masuka survives, I'll be ok.

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