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Leonardo DiCaprio Getting Married?

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is thinking of converting to Judaism in what friends say is ‘the clearest sign yet’ he will marry girlfriend Bar Refaeli.

DiCaprio, 36 – a non-practising Catholic – has made several secret visits to Israel where Bar, his girlfriend of five years, comes from.

Leo’s sudden intense interest in Israel, its culture and religion is the clearest sign yet that he intends to marry Bar,’ said a source.
He has been staying with her in a hotel in Tel Aviv for a few days at a time recently so that he can avoid the photographers outside her apartment in a nearby suburb.

Now he is looking into converting for her.’

DiCaprio and Refaeli met in 2005 at a Las Vegas party held for rock group U2.

He had just split from his girlfriend of six years, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Like Refaeli, she was a model for the lingerie firm Victoria’s Secret.

Rumours have been rife for months that DiCaprio has secretly proposed to Refaeli.

Certainly he has been keen to spend time with her and her family in Israel whenever he can.
The source added: ‘Leo stays in the royal suite of the five-star Dan Hotel on the beach of Tel Aviv when he’s with Bar.

It is a very romantic and private hideaway for them and an easy commute to Jerusalem Old Town, where Leo has spent hours exploring its religious sites with a guide.

‘He employs the same guide used by Madonna on her visits. Leo wants to learn more about Israel and its culture and religion to appease her traditional family.

Bar is over the moon he is so enthused that he is investigating the process of converting.’

Bar, 25, is a divorcee – after leaving an arranged marriage that kept her out of three years’ national service with the Israeli army.


lol @ this article. I seriously doubt that he'll ever get married.


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