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Vampire Diaries megapost-irl Lost stan joins the cast, sneak peek, etc

Interview with Julie Plec
Jim Halterman: In last night’s episode you had a reference to Twilight’s Kristen Stewart. But do you worry that putting a reference like that in the show would take fans out of the show? Or can they handle it?

Julie Plec: Look, Kevin made his mark and made his entire career by being self-referential between Scream and Dawson’s Creek and while Vampire Diaries isn’t that show it’s still fun to be able to dabble into it for kicks every now and then by mentioning Twilight. We don’t do it very often but when we do we get a little chuckle out of it.

JH: Everybody has been buzzing about casting for still-unseen-but-much-talked-about Klaus. Anything to share?
JP: Nothing to share but it’s been fun reading everyone’s casting suggestions. I think Kevin and I would feel very excited if we could discover a fresh, new face but we haven’t even started yet so it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

JH: Do we know when Klaus will finally appear on the show?
JP: No, no. The mystery of when we are going to meet him for the first time will be on-going. I think on the casting side it said a specific episode but that was just procedural. That has nothing to do with reality.

JH: So, let’s talk about next week’s episode.
JP: Tell me what you’d like to know about next week?

JH: Stefan is in the cave with Katherine. Where is that going?
JP: The two of them together have never been a good thing since Katherine came to town and it’s certainly not going to be a good thing now.

JH: I couldn’t remember – is there are barrier or something on the cave so Stefan can’t just come back out? Remind me how that works.
JP: There’s a witch spell that seals vampires in using sort of the same magic that would keep a vampire from being able to enter a house. Once in, they are stuck there until the spell is removed.

JH: Is Tyler finally going to go through ‘the change’ next week?
JP: Tyler is going through his life change, yes. That is really the point of next week’s episode – to finally put him in that situation. It’s a full moon, we’ve been building to it, he’s been terrified of it [and] last night’s episode really showed what he’s in store for and just how awful it is in fact going to be. It’s a boy-becomes-a-man story for him and it’s not fun and it’s painful and he’s really going to go through hell.

JH: And we all have reference points to having seen werewolves transform in movies and other TV shows so it was scary to see Taylor Kinney back going through that in the video Tyler and Caroline watch.

JP: Yes!

JH: So, key question, will Tyler’s shirt be off as he’s transforming?

JP: [laughs] I can promise that it will be.

JH: He’s been taking care of himself at the gym, I’ve noticed.

JP: Yes, he has! He wouldn’t dare show up to become a werewolf without hitting the gym for a few weeks before. He’s looking good.

JH: And what’s Damon’s part in next week. Is he protecting Elena?
JP: Yeah, it deals with him having to live up to his promise to make sure Elena is protected and the way he chooses to do that is kind of funny. Funny and a little bit Damon-mean as far as Elena is concerned. It gives Damon a good laugh at the way he’s able to keep Elena from getting herself into any trouble. There’s also a new character coming to town named Jules (Michaela McManus) who comes looking for her friend Mason Lockwood and when Damon catches wind of that he realizes he has a problem that needs to be dealt with because, of course, as we know, Mason Lockwood is no more so he has to put the kibosh on the search for him.

JH: Is Jules human or…do we find out?

JP: We don’t know. We’re meeting her for the first time next week so that all remains to be seen.

Sneak Peek of 2x11

Casting News

Mason Lockwood (Taylor Kinney) may be dead, but his werewolfy legacy lives on.

Insiders confirm to us that a young actor named Stephen Amell has joined the cast of CW's The Vampire Diaries as a character with a connection to Tyler's (Michael Trevino) gorgeous uncle. So who is this new kid, exactly, and what role does he play in Mystic Falls' ongoing werewolf-vampire shenanigans? Here's what we can reveal:

Producers tell us this about Amell's character: "Stephen plays Brady—an old friend of Mason Lockwood who blows into town with a vengeance. [He's a] loyal friend or your worst enemy depending on who you are. Did we mention he was hot?" (We believe you about the hotness—good looks and the werewolf gene are quite obviously linked!)

Look for Brady to appear in two episodes, one of which is filming right now.

Wow, Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) better watch his back. It looks like it's not as easy as he thought it would be to torture and murder a gorgeous werewolf and get away scot-free. In addition to Amell's Brady character, Michaela McManus joins the cast for the Dec. 9 episode "By the Light of the Moon," as Jules, a friend of Mason's from Florida who comes looking for her missing buddy.

Amell was also recently a contender for the lead role in the upcoming season of Spartacus: Blood and Sand
(op note: he's also an IRL Lost stan-

True Blood’s Dawn Olivieri , we met her briefly as Alcide’s sister Janice Herveaux, has found a new home in another hot vampire show, The Vampire Diaries. Dawn is in Atlanta right now to shoot her first episode.
Dawn is playing a local newscaster for Mystic Falls named Andie Star.
“It looks like I will be spicing things up shall we say”, she tells The Vault. Andie is recurring in an undisclosed succession of episodes at this point in time.

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