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An ONTD Original: The CW!


At present, The CW is home to 10 television shows: 90210, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected, ANTM, Hellcats, The Vampire Diaries, Nikita, Smallville and Supernatural. [I haven't watched any of TVD yet - I'm waiting until Season 2 ends so I can watch both seasons in one go and probably stan for season 3 onwards.]

But I've noticed a few problems in these shows and tbh, I think a lot of them need to make some serious changes, pronto, before they're shipped off to that dark grotty place in cancelled tv show hell; being pistol whipped between the likes of The Beautiful Life and Melrose Place *shudder*.  Yours truly has a few tips as to how some of our favourite shows can save themselves from the fires of eternal damnation.

The views in the following list are completely my own - Which means they are fact! Deal with it. =P



Season 3 has been pretty good. Most of the main characters have been given a chance for their characters to develop. So far, I'm loving what a self centered celebu-twat Adrianna is turning into and the Navid/Silver storyline was something I didn't see coming. The Teddy/gay storyline is full of win!!!  Also, the Naomi/Canon storyline was handled delicately and efficiently - [thank God$ha that wasn't dragged out for the whole season!]. But there are still a few areas for improvement.

How to Improve?
  • I liked Liam in Season 2. But since the beginning of season 3, he has become this annoying, whiny, pointless excuse of a main character. And WTF is up with this storyline between him and his half brother? It's a snore! If the writers aren't careful, he'll become a wasted pretty face like Nate Archibald!!!
  • Speaking of Liam's half brother 'whats-his-face' - get rid of him! He's so pretentious I want to kick him in the neck!
  • Oscar has something sexy about him. But this whole 'you-ruined-my-mothers-life-so-I-fucked-you-and-your-daughter' crap has ruined him for me! GTFO and take 'whats-his-face' with you!
  • Lastly - Bring back Mr Canon so he can cause more carnage AND make sure that Teddy comes out of the closet before episode 20! That shit has been dragged out long enough. Also - I WANT A SEX SCENE BETWEEN TEDDY AND IAN NAO!!!

Gossip Girl

SMH! SMH SMH SMDH!!! Guurrrrl, what the hell happened to you? You used to be my favourite television show and now... *Sigh*. I'm clutching at straws trying to think of something positive to say about Season 4 but... nothing. Blair/Chuck are flawless - but they're always flawless. GG hasn't been the same since they graduated high school and I don't think the writers really know how to handle the characters anymore.

How to Improve?
  • Kill/write off Vanessa and Nate! Both are so irrelevant it hurts my balls! Vanessa is an annoying simple bitch and should have never been introduced in Season one! Nate is just so stupid! Chace Crawford even said so himself! Away with the both of them!
  • Going to France is not a plotline, it's just a change of location!!! [I know that's not an "improvement", but it needed to be said!]
  • Upgrade Connor Paolo (Eric Van Der Woodsen) to a series regular and give him a proper storyline! He is a total waste of one of the few gay characters on network television!
  • Give Serena a boyfriend and let that boyfriend last more than a few episodes. Either that, or keep her single ffs! Blair: "Oh, and who do you love? Nate then Dan then Dan again. Aaron, Gabriel, Carter, Tripp. Then Dan again. Then Nate again."  NOW DAN, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give it a fucking rest!

One Tree Hill

Season 8? Really?

How to Improve?
  • I'm not sure it can be improved. But for starters, remove all of the irrelevant minor characters - OMG There are sooo many: Mouth, Skills, Fergie & Junk, etc etc etc.
  • Bring Danneel Harris (Rachel) back!!
  • Stop dragging out the storylines. It's amazing how in the space of one episode, nothing really happens. Is this love triangle between three nobodies (Alex, Chase and Mia) going to go on forever? Will Brooke be planning her wedding for the entire season? If so Mark Schwan, just tell me now and I'll just re-watch Nikita episodes on a Tuesday night instead. Mmmm-kay?
  • Tbh, if there's gonna be a ninth season, [which there probably will be] I think a good idea would be to jump into the future to when Jamie Scott is 16 years old and sort of revamp the whole show.

Life Unexpected

Not a bad show. But not a great show either. Unlike other CW shows, LUX doesn't have an interesting enough hook for their audiences. There aren't any secret agents, vampires, hunters, or hot cheerleaders. Just some nice characters with good enough storylines - kinda like One Tree Hill. But we're in 2010 not 2003 and with the Nikita's of the world, LUX just don't cut it no'mo.

How to Improve?
  • It hasn't been officially cancelled yet but we all know it will be.  I don't think it's an awful show, it just doesn't belong on The CW. The cast need to campaign hard for ABC Family to pick it up. This doesn't have to be the end for LUX. Just look at The Game. Over one year and a half later and new episodes are being made for BET. I think ABC Family would treat LUX better than The CW ever did.


"And America's Next Top Model is......... EVA!".  Who'd have thought that there would be another TWELVE Top Models since then? I sure didn't. But here we are - Season 15 and a 16th on the way. I don't really see what Miss Tyra can do to top this season. French Vogue? Australian Vogue? Whatevs. I'm sure she'll think of something. This show is formulaic television at it's best. You don't get to 15 seasons without being pretty damn fierce.

How to Improve?
  • MORE MISS JAY! More runway teaches! That's all.


A great addition to The CW lineup. Cheerleaders + drama = orgasm in my vagina! It reminds me of a modern take on what One Tree Hill was when it first started. Kevin Murphy manages to write his characters so that an audience gets emotionally invested in them - Something that Melrose Place (2009) did not do. If the show plays it's cards right, Hellcats could be around for a very long time.

How to Improve?
  • Have Randy Harrison guest star as Gale Harold's Teaching Assistant. *Cue Queer As Folk theme tune* and let the good times roll...


Best show on The CW by a mile!!! [Note: I haven't started watching TVD yet].  The writing is slick, Nikita is hot, Alex had potential to become a really annoying character but she's awesome too. I really do have nothing but praise for this show. HBIC OF THE CW! The End!

How to Improve?
  • Get rid of that annoying girl. Urgh, what's her name? *checks wikipedia* JADEN! The black girl with the huge eyes. OMG. She is a stain on the perfection that is Nikita. Pointless, irrelevant, bad actress.


Season 10 has been perfection imo.  Lois finding out about Clark, Tess Mercer being a general badass as usual. Not much to say considering that this is the final season. But it will be missed. I find it hilarious that Smallville is pretty much out-performing the majority of shows on The CW in terms of ratings and this is the final season. Could we possibly see a season 11?

How to Improve?
  • BRING CHLOE SULLIVAN BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Season 1 = Amazing.  Season 2 = Amazing.  Season 3 = Amazing.  Season 4 = Amazing.  Season 5 = Amazing. 
Season 6 = O_O
What in the hell is going on this season? Fairies? Fucking fairies??! This season is so laughably bad and that undoubtedly has everything to do with Eric Kripke stepping down as showrunner. After all, Supernatural was supposed to end at Season 5 and it feels that way too! I think it's time to put this show out of its misery. Sincerely, a true Supernatural fan.

How to Improve?
  • Bring back Eric Kripke. He is the only person who can save this show and make it what it used to be - AMAZING!

ONTD: What's your favourite show on The CW? + Which show is totally disappointing you rn?

Some CW men for you sexy ONTD'ers. Yummy Yummy Screw...
I'd kill to be that rock!

Inside me now!!

How much? How fucking much Jensen? Name your price!!

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