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"Wetten Dass!?" broadcast interrupted after accident.

German live TV show "Wetten Dass!?" (one of Europe's most watched TV shows) has been interrupted after an accident. A 23-year-old contestant's bet went terribly wrong, leaving the audience, stars and host in shock. After immediately zooming out of the scene TV channel ZDF started showing past music performances. The contestant's condition was stabilized by paramedics and doctors and afterwards rushed to a hospital. His condition is serious and the TV station has decided to stop the live broadcast of the show.

Tonights guests would've included Justin Bieber, Take That, Cameron Diaz, Cher, Phil Collins, Christoph Waltz, Seth Rogen, Otto Waalkes, Sara Nuru, Hardy Krüger and Alexandra Maria Lara.

The TV channel is going to inform the audiences at home during it's news broadcast at 10.45 pm about the contestant's condition.


What happend?
The contestant bet he could jump over 5 cars (obviously one at a time) going at a speed of 25 km/h with "Power-Jumpers". After his fourth attempt where he tried jump over an Audi driven by his father he landed on his face instead of landing on his "Power-Jumpers". Realizing the 23-year-old-contestant wasn't moving anymore, hosts Thomas Gottschalk and Michelle Hunziker rushed towards the young man, immediately asking for a doctor.

I FOUND AN ENGLISH ARTICLE: "Updated: Serious accident during Europe's biggest TV Live Show - "Wetten Dass" just aborted!"

- ZDF (no English source (yet), sorry!)
- GettyImages
- TheDailyHerold
- Bild

I hope he's going to be ok. :(


Video of the accident:

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Sorry about the info coming slowly... I've got to translate everything from German to English... ;)

ZDF just announced that Samuel K....
1) ... is at Universitätskrankenhaus Düsseldorf (= university hospital Düsseldorf).
2) ... his parents are with him.
3) ... he's able to talk. ... he's in a state close to consciousness
4) ... according to Bild he's currently undergoing surgery. (12.20 AM - German time)

They don't want to announce anything else, because they still don't know if he'll be able to recover completely from the accident., because they have to wait for the results of a tomography to know what kinds of injuries he suffered from and if he's going to recover from them.
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