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[Esquire Magazine] New Hairstyles for Tom Brady

Esquire Magazine took a break from their usual articles such as "How-To Have Sex in a Car", "How to Find Her G Spot", and "How to Sew a Button Easily" to grace us with...

Suggested Hairstyles For Tom Brady

"The Situation"
Hard-hold gel — good for rock-hard sculpting.

"The Brad Pitt"
Light-hold gel. To keep eyes on the swirl once the ladies start looking up around the hair line.

"The David Beckham"
Right after you shower, bend your hair with your fingers and let it dry naturally. No product allowed.

"The Bruce Willis"
Don't forget a moisturizer. With SPF.

"The Owen Wilson"
The sweeping bangs and impossibly natural blond color do provide the perfect camouflage for a receding hairline. If you, in fact, look more like Ellen DeGeneres than Meg Ryan, do not try this at home.

"The (New) Justin Bieber"
Apparently all Bieber does is shake his hair, but should you be slightly less pretty, a non-greasy, light-hold thickening spray might help.

A few more at the Source
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