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Trailer: Megashark Vs. Crocosaurus… Vs. Steve Urkel?

One day, God-willing, there will be an amazing DVD consisting entirely of previews for Boa vs. Python, the almighty Sharktopus and every other Megalodon/Mega-Python/Gateroid direct to video creature feature of the last five years. Hopefully with commentaries. But for now, we’ll take these trailers one at a time and give thanks when a new one brightens an otherwise drab week. That brings me to Megashark vs. Crocosaurus which features the two title characters battling it out as well as a grown up Jaleel White (that is, Steve Urkel from Family Matters) flexing some pretty hefty acting muscles.

I’m going to get the disappointing things out of the way first. Apparently a Crocosaurus is literally just a giant crocodile, and not some Tyrannosaurus Rex/Crocodile-hybrid that can swim. Adjust your expectations accordingly. Also, my favorite shot in the trailer is actually from the 2009 masterpiece Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, in which Mega Shark bites into the golden gate bridge. Kudos for being smart enough to use the footage again here though.

But there’s still a lot to like. One shot that stands out involves the Crocosaurus either getting electrocuted or possibly harnessing super powers. If the Crocosaurus gets superpowers, all of my issues with the creature design are forgiven. And whoa! Mega Shark got way faster! This guy is barreling through the air and fighting jet planes now! I think he eats at least three missiles in this trailer alone.

And then there’s White’s face. I’m not sure what sort of trials and tribulations his character goes through in this movie (well…besides the obvious), but he looks like he’s about to make Sophie’s choice in that last shot. And I mean this as a compliment — the second that actors let on that they are in on the movie’s joke, the fun is over. White looks like he takes the art of remaining serious during giant crocodile attacks to a new level. Perfect.

Verdict: Keep them coming!

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