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Arcade Fire Slam Bands Who Live Cliche Rock And Roll Lifestyle

They're more into the music...

Arcade Fire have condemned the cliché view of rock and roll - and said the lifestyle doesn’t appeal to them.

Singer Win Butler told the Observer the band were more interested in focusing on their music.

“We're not a band that's out to party until we die every night,” he said.

“We did a lot of shows with a lot of bands that were living that dream, but it's a dream I never bought into. It never seemed that fun.

“In fact, it was always kind of embarrassing to me. That isn't what I think is cool about rock."

Meanwhile, Butler’s wife and band member Régine Chassagne also said the band would scale down their current arena shows if they felt it wasn’t right for them.

"If it stops feeling organic, we'll stop doing it,” she said. “I have no ambition to be the biggest or the bestselling. That kind of thing is not why I, or any of us, play music.”

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