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Victoria’s Secret Saves Dark Skinned Models for “Wild Things” Segment

You gotta give it to Victoria’s Secret for giving the $2 million bra to Brazilian model Adriana Lima for the most watched runway show on the planet. But for the rest of the show, they seemed to feature models of color in interesting situations, including ones that had them parading around performers engaged in what’s supposed to be indigenous dance. 

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show, which aired on CBS, opened with a complete line up of light skinned models.

While dark skinned models were sprinkled throughout the show, they seemed to have lined them up so they could all be part of the “Wild Things” segment of the show. 

This year’s show, called “A Night of a Thousand Fantasies,” included six different themes said to represent different types of women; tough love, game on, country girls, heavenly bodies, pink and wild things.
Yes, wild things… the segment that included tribal dancers and all the models of color in the show. Just pay close attention to the line up of models in the opening and closing segments.

It's some light-skinned girls and some Kelly Rowlands...Collapse )
Tags: models, race / racism

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