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Kanye West: I understand why America's apprehensive towards me

Kanye West covers the latest issue of I.D Magazine’s Back To The Future Issue.  Inside, he shares his experience during his brief hiatus from “celebrity”, his friendship with Jay-z and the qualities he looks for in a woman. 

On the qualities he looks for in a woman?
Integrity. I’m a hopeless romantic and I’m looking and trying to decide who the mother of my child will be. It’s not going to be based off a whim of being in love; she has to bring a certain level to the table. I want to be married, I want that super dope counterpart, that one woman, but she has to be super-fresh, super-smart and not overwhelmed, because being with me is gonna be a job (laughs). She can’t be overwhelmed by her career. I’ll find her, maybe I’ll be 38… maybe I’m not fully who I am yet, maybe that’s why I haven’t found her… The main quality is that you know that this person will ride or die for you. Whether she’s mad at you, whether she’s with you or not, she still loves you, she still bigs you up in any circle. She doesn’t talk down about you to other people. That’s the main thing I need.





On His Experience at Fendi
After the MTV thing. I moved to Japan for three weeks…stayed in a hotel and worked on designs just to stay out of the way of paparazzi. Then I moved to Rome and I interned at Fendi for five months. At weekends I’d take time off and go to Stockholm and meet up with Jonny from ACNE or go and see Giuseppe Zanotti in Italy and work in factories with him.


Where do we find Kanye West in 2010?
I say, “You’re living in the future/ Your present is your past, because I’m always thinking in terms of 2012, 2013, 2014. I see the future.  

Album number five is a real 70s Project. I want to go back to my soul roots. You could see that I was trying to push into the digital category - or the white music category - but this was a return to the instrumentation of what made Q-Tip and Wu-Tang connect with people in a more visceral fashion. I’m trying to find the emotion, and deliver ideas where it’s blurred, almost abstracted.


 On the 2009 VMA's
 Much like the Phoenix character in my forthcoming film Runaway, I has to learn from my mistake, burn as a Molotov cocktail got thrown at my career and rise and become a better person. There were pieces of my character that hadn’t been fully developed.   How do I use my power for good in an extremely tasteful way? Timing had to be the worst part of it. It’s so crazy that people have tried to throw me in a box for being racist. Have you ever known me to not like white people? I like everyone. I’m the only hip-hop guy that’s said ‘Stop bashing gays.’

One of the main things I wish people would understand is that I would do the exact same thing for Taylor. If it were 15 years into Taylor’s career and she makes the most pivotal video of her life and they randomly give the award to someone else. I want to express my empathy and my new found humility that I am sorry for cutting her off. I’m really sorry for that.

I’m considered a racist that should die because I cut her off? A campaign started on Twitter saying, ‘Kanye West is dead’ and a lot of people said ’good.’ But I do understand why America’s apprehensive towards me.



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