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#TheWalking Dead producer discuss the show's future

Executive producer and comics creator Robert Kirkman commented on the somewhat bizarre reports about the entire writing staff being fired. He said the story was basically false, it reflected unfairly on showrunner Frank Darabont, and that the only departure was that of Charles 'Chic' Eglee. Kirkman explained why this happened:

"Chic Eglee is a high-level television writer. He was brought onto The Walking Dead with the idea that Frank was going to work on the first season and then go off and do movies. Chic didn't want to be second-in-command on a show when he's used to being a top dog, and so he decided to go off and do something else, which is something that happens and is not a big deal."


Kirkman did leave open the distinct possibility that this story might eventually be true, and that Darabont is seriously considering the freelance model:
It's a little premature to be nailing down. I don't know if it's going to be a freelance situation or if we're going to have writers in a writers' room. That's something that's being worked on now. Everybody knows what they're doing. AMC has done a few television shows before, and Frank Darabont is a professional. Whatever is decided, I don't think it will affect the show one way or another."

[TV Guide]


Show star Andrew Lincoln speculated on whether Sheriff Grimes will find out about Shane and Lori's affair:

"Will he ever find out? That's an option. There are many ways of dealing with a painful situation. I think denial is a powerful human attribute. I've used it quite well many times in my life. The obvious way to go would be to go for conflict, but I don't necessarily think we're in an obvious show. I think the beauty in the way it's being played is that it's a three-way love affair. They all love each other. I don't necessarily think Rick is that aware as yet of an indiscretion. For me it's a much simpler journey. Obviously in season two it could get more complicated and more satisfying to play. But I wouldn't want to second guess what Frank [Darabont] is going to do."

He also offered this cryptic warning about the finale:
"I would just say as always with this show, don't get too comfortable. Things are not as they seem."

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