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Alberta Ferretti & Emma Watson bring you Fair Trade Organic THREADS (edit)...

...or at least they will in a few months time...

'Emma has collaborated with designer Alberta Ferretti to produce an organic clothing line.
Alberta Ferretti approached Emma earlier this year after seeing her range for People Tree and asked if Emma would consider doing something similar with her. Emma was thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with the renowned designer.
When asked about her inspiration for the collection by US Magazine, Emma described it as "very classic; very 60s Jane Birkin".
The collection is due to be released in Spring 2011 but keep checking this website and www.albertaferretti.com for more information about when and where it will go on sale.'

So we've had Dan Rad love and Rupert adoration, and even some Evanna and H.B.C praise. Now time for some good ol' fashioned ONTD Emma Watson hateration...come on in, you know you can't help yourselves...

More info...

What’s going on with your fashion interests? That’s something that’s been a big part of your life offscreen, what are you doing in regards to fashion right now?
Emma: I just did a clothing line with Alberta Ferretti, which is really exciting. We are doing an organic clothing range.

What’s it called?
Emma: Um, I’m not sure I can reveal the name yet. I need to double check that.

Oh come on, we won’t tell anyone just tell us
Emma: Ahh, I’m not sure about that (laughs). There will be more information about it soon. But yeah it was really hard—whenever I was in London she was in Milan, and we were crossing paths in New York and all over. But we email every week at the moment, and I’m really proud of what we put together. I’m so excited that it’s someone who is established and as big a designer as Alberta is really interested in—cause she wrote to me and said “I saw what you did with People Tree and I think it’s such a great idea and would you do something with me?” And I was like, “Yeah! Definitely.”

So when will the line come out?
Emma: I think just after Christmas. Like, soon.

Is it kind of classic wardrobe? Was there an inspiration for this line?
Emma: Jane Birkin was my inspiration for this collection. Very classic French. 60’s Jane Birkin.

Okay, well I'm big on Fair Trade so no matter what you think of Emma Watson, if even a few of the big fashion houses start looking into using Fair Trade cotton etc, and paying people in developing countries a living wage for their produce and their work, it's a damn good start.

Apparently I need an Umbridge quill to write I-MUST-NOT-MISUSE-THE-PHRASE-HAUTE-COUTURE...hence the edit! :-|

So Rupert, Emma, what do you think of Twilight?

Sources: http://www.collider.com/2010/11/14/emma-watson-interview-harry-potter-deathly-hallows-haircut-my-week-with-marilyn/
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