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Blind Items

Brought to you by FLYING MARU

1. An American actor – who has been through multiple TV series and multiple marriages – booked a massage at an upscale hotel at a sunny resort location. When the masseuse arrived at his room, the actor drew the curtains, asked the masseuse to start on his feet, and phoned his movie actress wife. After a few minutes of telling his wife how much he loved and missed her, he opened his robe, and motioned for the masseuse to look at his very erect penis. He put his hand over the mouthpiece and asked for a blowjob. When the horrified worker said “No”, the annoyed actor replied, “I’ve never had anyone refuse me before!” The worker said “Well, now you have” and fled the room. The actor and his wife were divorced soon after, and they have both since remarried.
Blind Gossip
My Guess: Don Johnson

2. This Football Star had the perfect payback for his Reality Star ex….she recently clowned him on her family reality show. Now he plans on marrying a woman who looks a lot like her. The reality star is going to be pissed. She was hoping he would marry her.
My Guess: obviously Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian

3. What do you do when your network reality star fiancee lets it be known to a very very wealthy businessman that she could be persuaded to dump her current fiancee if the businessman was to make her an offer. Oh, and she did it while her fiancee was 15 feet away.
My Guess: Karina Smirnoff... it says "current" fiance and she's been engaged a few times...

4. This British actor known for his diverse range of theater, film and television productions made a cult favorite movie in the 80′s that didn’t do so well in the box office. He revealed recently he once had a sordid, “experimental” affair with a straight actor he worked with on that film. It was a short-lived romantic relationship, but the two remain good friends to this day.
My Guess: Tim Curry and Christopher Llyod in Clue.... idk this one is hard

5. What actor from an award-winning ensemble TV show might need some help in the hygiene department? When a reporter showed up at his LA home to interview him, she wasn’t sure if the stench was from the actor’s lack of bathing or copious weed smoking.
The Gloss
My Guess: Adrian Grenier

6. This multi-hyphenate endured some very dark years of emotional and physical abuse (including beatings) from her cheating spouse. Stressed and lonely, for a time she even turned to drugs. Although she usually speaks positively of him in public, she has shared the real story with a few people recently. Her career flourished after she divorced him, and she’s been a successful working girl ever since.
Blind Gossip
My Guess: Julia Roberts... she briefly married singer Lyle Lovett in the early 90s

I am le tired... TGIF
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