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fine fresh fierce fifty: the julianne moore edition

the forever sublime julianne moore is fifty today (ifkr), let us all take a moment to bask in her beauty and pray to the heavens that we'll age as gracefully.

At the 20th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards in NYC, Nov. 30th

As Hera for Lagerfeld's 2011 Pirelli calendar:

Karl on why he chose such a goddess to play a goddess:
I really did want an actress for the wife of Zeus and for the mother of the Olympian gods. Julianne's a beautiful woman - more matronly than the young girls under the olive trees. She's a very dear friend. She knew she wouldn't be running any risks with me -- there wouldn't be a parallel publication sold under the counter!

Colin Firth on Julianne Moore in "The Kids Are All Right"
Actors on Actors

"Julianne has formidable emotional register, which a less judicious actor would be tempted to flaunt. In 'The Kids Are All Right,' the range is clear: laughter, nerves, desperation, maternal love, regret, heartbreak, lust. Like all good actors, she doesn't act any of it. Instead you see her fight against it. When she says, 'Marriage is hard,' you see her struggle for reason and poise; what she plays is her longing for a happy family.And what breaks through is this terrible pain. It's extremely moving watching her trying to manage it. All the actors in this film are on this formidable level. I keep thinking what a joy it must have been for them all to play off each other." [variety]

OUT 100 Cover & Scans:
(this is a little old but idc, she's on a fucking horse)

Artist of the Year — Julianne Moore: “I don’t think a movie like ‘The Kids Are All Right’ could be made if this wasn’t the way that families are living today all over the United States,” Moore states. The actress, a four-time Oscar nominee, began her activism some 25 years ago after her first experience with what would become the AIDS pandemic. Now, although she works to keep politics and career separate, Moore notes, “I choose a part because I’m interested in the role, the director, the script. I don’t go looking for something that seems political, but by virtue of the roles being intensely personal, it becomes that way.”

Julianne by Bryan Adams for Calvin Klein in aid of the NYC AIDS Fund:

The images are for sale now and all proceeds will be donated to the NYC AIDS Fund.


merci buckets, kisses
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