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Julian Lennon to Publish Unseen John Lennon Letter

IT is a heartfelt plea from a father missing his young son.

This previously unseen letter from John Lennon to his wife Cynthia spells out his regret at not being there for his boy Julian as Beatlemania shook the world.

The note has been released by Julian from a collection of treasured memories he has of his dad.

From photos to song lyrics, they chart the relationship of John and his son over the years, as fame and fortune overtake their life.

But Julian had to amass the collection himself as he was left very little after his father was shot dead in 1980. The letter, written in 1965, spells out John’s heartache at not being with Cynthia and the couple’s two-year-old. He writes: “I really miss him as a person now. He’s not so much ‘The Baby’ or my baby any more he’s a real living part of me now.

“I can’t wait to see him, I miss him more than ever – I think it is been a slow process feeling like a real father! I spend hours in dressing rooms thinking about the times I’ve wasted not being with him – and playing with him. I keep thinking of those stupid b*****d times when I keep reading bloody newspapers and other s**t whilst he’s in the room with me and I’ve decided it’s ALL wrong.”

The letter is one of a trove of Julian’s keepsakes he has published in a new book. There is also a 1968 postcard he sent his dad from Italy. Cynthia had fled to Pesaro with their son, then three, and mum after John admitted having affairs and confessed his ­relationship with Yoko Ono.

And the book contains a 1964 programme from the Olympia Theatre in Paris where The Beatles played for 20 nights – for £50.

3Beatles Memorabilia, The John Lennon Collection published by Goodman, £25.



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